Many injuries happen at work. In these circumstances, it is vital to obtain the advice of a lawyer who practises in workcover claims, as the law is very complicated with strict time limits . An injured worker’s entitlements include his or her wages, medical and like expenses, a lump sum for any permanent impairment provided you are assessed at 10% or more impaired as a whole person. In addition, if you have been assessed at 30% or more impaired OR where your life has been significantly affected by the injury, you may be entitled to a Serious Injury Certificate from either Workcover or from the County Court where one is refused by Workcover. In circumstances where you can show the injury was not likely to have happened but for the negligence of your employer and you have a Serious Injury Certificate, you may be entitled to substantial compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of past and for future earnings, including any lost superannuation.

WorkCover also covers those who are tragically killed or die at work, for both their spouse and children. Garden & Green Lawyers have dealt with many types of these claims and can be relied upon for compassionate advice and treatment of these matters.