No Win… No Costs

At Garden & Green Lawyers we recognise that not all clients can afford expensive litigation, especially those who have been injured and are without income. For those whose case has merit but no means to fund it, we offer:

    • First Interview FREE
    • No win-no cost in personal injury cases including Workcover, TAC claims, school bullying and the like. This means that subject to signing a costs agreement, we will not charge any legal fees (excluding disbursements) unless we achieve a result for you by way of a settlement or successful verdict in Court. Disbursements are out-of pocket expenses such as medical report fees, Court fees, government stamp duty and Barrister’s fees necessary in the proper preparation of your matter.
    • All legal costs on other matters are charged on the appropriate Court scale applicable to your matter. We are happy to discuss and explain what costs might be involved in the matter at all stages of proceedings.
    • By law, we are required to provide you at the outset, with a Costs Disclosure letter setting out the method of charging and the estimated costs of your particular matter, including the personnel who will be in charge of your case.