Family Law and Divorce

The breakdown of a relationship, whether de facto or marriage, is an emotional and extremely stressful time for those concerned, especially for the children involved. The Family Law Act places paramount importance on the children’s welfare in all cases.

Garden and Green Lawyers are compassionate and understanding in this area of law and have invaluable experience in resolving a variety of disputes which arise following the permanent separation of parties.

From negotiating property settlements to arranging parenting agreements, our firm is always looking to resolve disputes through forms of mediation with litigation as a last resort. Even then, the court process ensures compulsory mediation between parties, resulting in a high percentage of settlements without the necessity of a Trial.

We handle every stage of matrimonial and Family breakdowns from the formal dissolution of the marriage (Divorce) through to final Orders.

Pre-nuptial agreements are becoming more popular and these days, providing they are constructed properly, can have the same force and protection as court orders.