Mediation is a sensible way to resolve disputes. In mediation the disputing parties have control of the decision making process.

With Litigation, the control is removed from the parties and handed to a third party usually referred to as a Judge.  The aim of mediation as practiced at Garden and Green is to neutralise conflict.  Mediation is…

    • Effective   – Most cases that go to mediation are resolved.
    • Voluntary  – The parties agree to meet with an independent third party (mediator) to work through and develop solutions to their problems.
    • Confidential  – The parties and the mediator all agree to keep the process confidential.
    • Less Expensive  – Mediation if early in a dispute is less expensive than litigation.
    • Faster  – Mediation is faster as the parties determine when to have a mediation session.
    • Key  – The key to winning at mediation is to find an early solution to the issues, actual or perceived.

We believe that mediation should always be a first choice not a last resort.