School Bullying

School bullying and its effects on victims is very much in the news these days and is a growing concern. Garden & Green Lawyers are at the forefront of proceeding against Victorian schools in an effort to have them held responsible for failing to protect children and particularly vulnerable children with disabilities.

Our firm won one of the largest settlements for school bullying in Victoria of almost $300,000.00 for a school girl in Northern Victoria and has since settled a case for $750,000.00. Listen to Kim Bainbridge’s radio interview with Eleanor Hall from ABC News or click the link below for the article in The Age Newspaper.

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More and more parents are prepared to take action where all else has failed, including countless pleas for help from school officials, apparently powerless or unwilling to act. It is hoped these actions will force a change of policy at the government level so the on-going abuse of these children, both physical and psychological, can cease.